BANO Database

hav You can obtain access to ATRD’s Black and Asian network organisations’ (BANOs) database spreadsheet of currently over 500 Black and Asian organisations by making a donation to our GoFundMe campaign page through the ‘DONATE’ button below.

*Please note that we’ve recently had some technical issues with the Gofundme donations page which have now been resolved. If you have received a message about being refunded, please try again and email us if further issues arise. 

 Get in touch with us by emailing following your donation to gain access to the BANO database. (Invoices for donations are available upon request)

Suggested donations are £50 for small charities, £100 or more for larger charities and £200 or more for commercial trustee recruitment agencies.



We believe that if the campaign has been able to achieve so much with volunteers only then it’s not beyond the means of most charities to do likewise! However it will require organisations prioritising this work and putting in the time, commitment, focus and required resources to achieve the desired results.

For many charities, the database, even though it’s pretty extensive, may not be the answer to all their trustee needs. You might need to learn from and use it to research and identify ”BANOs” with the specific skills or expertise which your organisation might need. For instance an alternative technology charity was able to research and identify specific Black and Asian networks focused on ecology, the environment and climate change.

Building up your own ”BANOs”

Don’t just circulate your recruitment advert to networks without putting time and effort into relationship building with the networks. Allow a lead in time of 3-6 months.

You can research, identify and build links with local Black and Asian network organisations yourself; be welcoming and inclusive.

The database already lists keywords against each organisation.

Use key search words for example – African, African Caribbean, Afro-Caribbean, Asian, BAME, Bangladeshi, Black, Caribbean, Chinese, Ethnic Minority, Faith, Islamic, indian, Pakistani, Muslim, Race.

Combine with the skills, experience or expertise you’re seeking. e.g. engineering, environment, legal, fundraising, digital, tech, media, business, sport, finance, music etc, e.g. Afro-Caribbean and music or BAME or Black or Asian and tech.

How to find your local Black and Asian networks

Once you find a network in your city or town of operation, check whether they are active by googling their network name. Review their website and social media account for activity. If there is no activity seen in the current year or no clear contact details you might assume that the network is not active. A good sign of their viability would be if they’re cross-referenced on Council or voluntary and community sector organisations’ websites.

For further advice on using the database, please email Malcolm John at